Lonely & Happy in NYC

This weekend I was in New York City for a short 48 hours after a conference nearby. I was traveling alone aka not my favorite way to travel. I woke up anxious. I left the Airbnb in search for breakfast and a {non-dairy} chai latte feeling lonely. I ate breakfast alone. I walked to the park alone. I felt alone regretting my choice to travel to NYC solo.

And then, I walked into the Brooklyn Botanic Garden & It. Was. Magical. The cherry blossoms at the entrance were blooming. I started the day lonely and anxious, but as soon as I saw the pink petals blowing in the wind and carpeting the ground, I had a smile on my face.


The day continued that way…

Thru the entire Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thru the delicious Shanghainese lunch in Chinatown


Thru the awesome tour at the Tenement Museum {no pictures taken}

Thru the beautiful tram & the serene views from Roosevelt Island

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Did I wish that I was there with someone else? You better believe it. But I ended up happy. Happy to be traveling. Happy to be experiencing sites I’d never see in Chicago. Happy to be alone making up my own schedule. Happy to be me.



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