Hits and Misses (Coronavirus Style)

May 2, 2020

Things I miss, a list:

  1. My yoga students
  2. 360 Chicago’s view
  3. Seeing my friends and family in person
  4. First dates
  5. Walking by restaurants, looking in the restaurants and see a lot of people (aka prosperity)
  6. Lazy grocery store visits
  7. Hugs
  8. The el
  9. Going into the office
  10. A day with no tears
  11. Sleeping through the night

Unforeseen benefits, a list:

  1. More time with my parents
  2. A cleaner home
  3. More time to cook and bake
  4. Virtual yoga classes with friends and family
  5. Virtual yoga classes from my local studio
  6. Virtual yoga classes from my favorite studio in New York
  7. Teaching virtual yoga classes to Girl Scouts (can you tell that yoga has been a lifesaver for me?!)

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