New Dating App: Doggie Dating

I’ve considered posting in the dog groups I’m in on Facebook or Meetup if there are any single guys wanting to go on a doggie date with me – one where we both bring our dogs and see if all 4 of us are compatible. {Side note: If you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’m writing about a new dating app, my date on Sunday wasn’t so great: he was 10 minutes late, texting me AT the time we were supposed to meet that he was running late; we talked about the weather for a good 30 minutes; and I ended the date by saying, “I don’t go out past 9pm because that’s my dog’s bedtime” lol lol.}

If you have perused my Insta feed or talked to me in person during the last month, then you know I’m obsessed with talking about Bruno. I am on *new dog mom alert*. My dog this. Bruno that. So on Wednesday when I joined my first dog walking meet-up, it was liberating to talk about Bruno nonstop to other dog moms who talk about their pets just as much I do and want to. It’s all we talked about for 45 minutes. It’s all I seem to want to talk about all day to anyone who’ll listen, but I know that it’s annoying, so I attempt to tamp down the crazy dog mom who busts out her cell phone every time someone utters the word “cute”.

36654586_467833017013440_3560451253282537472_nI am certain there are plenty of hot single dudes and dudettes out here in the Oak Park/Chicagoland area who have dogs and wanna meet up with other hot single dudes and dudettes. So…here’s my plan for a new dating app: Doggie Dating! 

Here are some of the parameters I’ve come up with so far:

  1. You have to have a picture of you and your dog together as one of your profile photos
  2. The first date is always WITH your dogs
  3. And because sometimes it’s hard to find a dog-friendly activity, the app will have plenty of suggestions for the first date
  4. You must talk about your dogs obsessively (lol jk)

App developers, if you’re out there and reading this post:

  1. Email me if you’re single and have a dog or don’t care that I REALLY love my dog
  2. You wanna get working on this idea because it’s awesome!
  3. You wanna get working on my other dating app idea: I’M READY (like yesterday)

Looking for LOVE in all the wrong places

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