My Life in the Suburbs

I knew that when I moved to Oak Park, my life was going to be a tiny bit lonelier. While living in Chicago, my calendar was full with friends, volunteering, yoga, and dates (with dumb idiots).

  • By moving out to the *suburbs*, I realized that I’d see friends less since it’s a {rather small} trek.
  • I am no longer tutoring since it’s a {rather small} trek to get back home from the location.
  • Though I still teach yoga on Saturday mornings, it’s the only class I’m teaching at the moment. 
  • Yup, I’m still going on dumb dates with dumb idiots; in fact, the first one in a while is tonight (which probably means I should wait to post this so you can get the live update on how it went since I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath on news of my dating life…). 

This is where my fun-loving little dude, Bruno, comes in. I don’t see my friends as much, I don’t volunteer at the moment, I am only teaching 1 yoga class, and my dating life is dismal. I needed a PROJECT. And what better project than a doggie who makes me laugh out loud every single darn day?!


And, yet, this hasn’t proved to fulfill my life quite enough. Y’all, I can’t shake this whole being single thing. I joke that Bruno is my boyfriend and the only man I need in my life, but that is just not true. I adore him and he does keep me warm at night (from his bed across the room), but it’s not the same.

So, while I search for a man worthy of my attention and time, I recently joined a yoga studio, I’ll keep playing with and taking my doggie for walks, and will start the pursuit for a new volunteer opportunity out this way.

Oh, and friends and family, I swear I’m not THAT far! Come visit xoxo


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