Love in the Time of COVID-19

Surprisingly, dating apps did help keep me sane during Shelter in Place. So, what happened when the world (kinda) opened back up, you ask? Read below to find out!

Guy #1: I talked with this guy for literally the entire time we were quarantined – from March 9 to the end of May. As soon as bars opened up for outdoor service, we met up for a couple of drinks. He was…nice. (Nice is code for boring.) But we were both a little rusty and decided to meet up again, this time for a Bruno walk. Walking the pup is a safe, quick, easy “date”. We honestly didn’t have much to say and neither of us tried very hard to keep in touch afterwards.

Guy #2: After dinner and drinks, we decided to keep the date going with a little walk and Italian ice. It was probably the best date I’ve had in quite some time (and I’m not just talking about quarantine time). We made plans to meet up again, but then he slowly started to fade away. Then…


Guy #3: We met up for a drink and a snack; conversation was easy. Decided on a 2nd date on a Thursday. On Wednesday, I was running errands in my car and lo-and-behold, there goes Guy #3 holding hands with another girl. (I *may* have followed them for a couple of blocks.) Thursday came, we met up, I didn’t mention it. We met up again another time for a dog park date, and I still didn’t say anything. But I couldn’t shake it. We haven’t talked since. Could he tell I just wasn’t that into it (seeing as he’s holding hands with another girl in the time of COVID!!)?

Guy #4: Dog park date! We both love our dogs (and I love the idea of dogs meeting on a first date). The dogs got along. The humans got along. The humans also ate dairy free ice cream from Jeni’s, so winning?! That date was tonight. There is an idea of a 2nd date being thrown out there.

And as always, no promises for any good news after this, but who knows? Maybe *this* time will work out? (don’t hold your breath, people…)

PS I have NO idea how I fit in this many dates in just two months. I clearly was starved for attention because I hadn’t been on seven dates in the last year ha!

PPS I was safe while on these dates! Masks were worn when warranted, no hands were held, and no kisses were swapped!



Top photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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