Quit Playin’ Games, Fool

Even as a kid, playing games wasn’t really my thing.  No dodge ball and definitely not Nintendo. Boys, on the other hand, loved games…and judging by the guys I’ve met and/or dated in the past few years, they still love to play games – only now it’s with girls’ hearts. It seems like almost an impossible feat for guys to be open and honest, for them to fall in love or at least be open to the possibility of it.  What happened to the days when you said what you felt and you did what you said you were going to do?

At 28 years old, I’ve dated my fare share of guys, with a rough estimate of 80% of them who aren’t honest about what they want or what they’re feeling.  If you know me at all, you know that honesty has never been a very difficult task for me (in fact, I’m a terrible liar!), so when I give someone my honest feelings, I expect the same courtesy in return.  Guys, is it so hard to express your feelings? Does a cat really tear apart your tongue every time the truth tries to escape?

Maybe the reason I keep meeting game players is because they aren’t the one. The right guy for me will call when he says, text when he’ll be late, send flowers when he misses me, take me on dates, ask me questions and listen attentively; he’ll be open about his feelings and won’t shut out mine.  And he’ll do all of this because he wants to, not because I ask him to.  I don’t play games and I don’t want my man to either (unless of course it’s baseball).  And if he does, he ain’t the right man for me.  Been there, done that, lost that game more times than I dare to admit.

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