The Who, The What

One week of yoga teacher training is over and, my goodness, it was a busy week! Here’s the who and the what of my last week.

The Who: There are two teachers and one assistant who is training to be a yoga teacher trainer, as well as eight female students in my training course:

*a 16 year old online high school student

*someone who is training for an Ironman

*a former professional ballerina

*a hair stylist

*a girl who recently moved from Mexico City and just got her green card

*a school speech pathologist

*a woman her owns her own sustainable furniture company

*and me (How do I define myself? A former teacher and wannabe writer?)


The What: Each day starts with at least two hours of practice, sometimes three. During the practice, we’re learning accurate alignment and how to correctly do all of the asanas. Each week has a different focus with this week being on standing poses. For the rest of the day, we’re either learning the philosophy behind yoga (and no, it’s not a religion, but a spiritual practice), human anatomy (so many damn muscles to memorize!!), posture labs where we find the exact way to hold asanas (or poses) and how to adjust students in them, and lastly, we have teaching practice – a time to try out our own teaching skills. Class ends at 4:15 each day, but there are hours of homework writing or reading about each of the above parts of the training. By the time 10 o’clock rolls around, I am exhausted, but feel completely ready and excited each morning to see what’s up next!

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