Top 10 Reasons I Need A Job (Eventually)

1) to pay the bills including the cable bill so I that can get HGTV again and indulge in a DVR
2) to move into my own place again (love you parents, but I’ve been living on my own for nearly 10 years now)
3) so I can finally unpack my storage unit after 2 long years
4) to keep my saving account afloat
5) to pay off college debt – yes, I still have that
6) so I can find a city to call mine, to settle down into, and to find a good yoga studio in
7) so I have something to do all day besides dreaming about what my next meal will be
8) to buy a new wardrobe for grown-ups
9) to save money for more traveling
10) so I can put my $130,000 education to good use

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