Making a Plan

Tonight was my first yoga class in 3 weeks since I left training because of a pinched nerve in my neck and problematic rotator cuff muscles. It made me realize how glad I am that I decided to spend so much money and that I changed my life plans to do the teacher training. I fell back in love. Since I haven’t been able to do yoga, I haven’t been diligent about what to do for teaching. Here’s the plan I have so far:

1)    Get a real job

Once I actually have a job I can find where in my schedule I have time to teach. I will have a real income so I won’t be dependent on yoga teaching money. It also allows me to find out what city I’ll be living in.

2)    Move in

I’ll have a town, I’ll have a neighborhood, I’ll have a place to be. From here I can find studios near to me if I want to teach publicly or I can advertise for places near to where I’m living for private classes.

3)    Design and buy business cards

I have ideas in my head for what I’d like the cards to look like; my plan as of now is to have yoga on one side and writing/editing on the other. This can’t get done, though, until I have a…

4)    Website

A website will have all of the info that I can share, including prices, locations, and my…

5)    Yoga Resume

This is something I can start now, but hope to build up with private clients and more experience.

This whole getting a yoga job is going to be difficult, but I was reminded tonight how much I really do love yoga and my desire to be a teacher. The idea is to teach private classes first, so if you or anyone you know wants awesome, yet *inexpensive* yoga instruction, let me know!

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