Miss C.

It has been about a year since I made the decision not to teach, quite a big claim from someone who’s spent over $100,000 getting two degrees in education. Since August, I’ve been asked many times if I miss teaching and if I’ll ever go back, and, surprisingly I’ve had rare moments where I truly find myself missing being a teacher. Usually these moments come when I get emails from my Hong Kong kiddos telling me how much they miss me. Check out this one that I got recently:

Dear Miss. C. I miss you very much. How are you in America? What is your job now? I can’t believe that I am going to camp next Wednesday. I am going to Cheung Chau. I am going to bike, indoor climbing, Night hike and morning hike, and we are going to BBQ in the evening.

Hope you will have a wonderful night and day.



hayy miss c, How’s America??? I miss u for bing the best teacher EVER!!! We still talk about you!! 🙂 Do you still remember me?? [he inserts his full name here] heres a pic LOLZ!!! Send me a email soon plz plz plzzzz!!! Thanks, Bye (P.S. Please don’t judge my teaching skills from the terrible grammar and spelling!)

A very big part of me misses my students and misses having kids to take care of and love me back. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job now, but I definitely wish I had more of a chance to work with students. That’s why I’d really like to find a volunteer position working with kids. Next week, I’m also taking a yoga teacher training to work with kids – exciting!

So, to answer those aforementioned questions: no, I don’t really miss teaching all that much, and maybe someday I’ll go back to the classroom. But, for now, I’ll be perfectly content working for my job planning programs for 85,000 girls to enjoy.

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