The New Apt

If you’ve recently read my blog or seen me in the last couple of months, you’ll know that I was most recently living in a fabulous neighborhood in a nice little apartment…with the bitchiest, most atrocious roommates ever. Unfortunately, my new apartment also has some issues compared to my previous place:

 *Cockroaches (a dozen or so dead ones, and one live sucker)

*No dishwasher

*No washer or dryer in the apartment

*No garbage disposal

*Further commute to work

*More expensive rent and utilities because there are only 2 people sharing the bills

*No parking space

*On the blue line so it is not as convenient to travel to other neighborhoods

But…there are no crazies which = priceless

Oh, and the great roommate, fun neighborhood, and closeness to Mario are all awesome bonuses to the deal, too!

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