Is Chicago Really the BEST for ME?

When I left HK, I had a job offer in Seattle, but I turned it down because I thought that me moving to Chicago meant settling down time and I was ready for that. I’d be closer to my family where I eventually wanted to end up, but now that I’m here and dating hasn’t exactly been successful, I wonder if I made the right choice. Is it time to move on again? Maybe it’s giving up after only 2.5 years, but the quality of men out there is really slim-pickings.

But then again, should the measure of my life be based against the guys that I date or the fun that I’m having and the life that I’m leading? I look back at my photos from Hong Kong and I look really, truly happy – the best I’ve ever looked.


The struggles of missing my family and being so far away from home were definitely real, but my friends were wonderful, I did yoga at least 4 times a week, and I dated regularly.

I have great friends in Chicago, I’ve been volunteering a ton, and I have had plenty of first dates, but I’m don’t feel completely at ease in this city. Oh, and I love my job way more here than I ever have. So is it the gloomy weather? Or am I meant to be somewhere else where an adventure may lay ahead? If the adventure hasn’t found me yet, maybe I need to go to the adventure!

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