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Restaurant for Two: Bella Bacinos

Restaurant for Two: a feature where I bring a friend to a restaurant and we write a review together. Coworker and new friend, L’Oreal, and I rode the Italian train at Bella Bacinos! She’s a blogger, too, so she helped contribute to this post. 

Chicago is known for its Italian food…deep dish pizza and Little Italy, anyone?! So when L’Oreal and I went to Bella Bacinos, we had high expectations. Can the pizza be as good as the famous Lou Malnati’s? Will the pasta rival its competition? By the end of a seven course meal, we were officially stuffed, satisfied, and completely sure that this restaurant was delizioso!


Seasonal Bruschetta

“Love at first bite” is a real thing, especially when it comes to the seasonal bruschetta. This isn’t your basic bruschetta. With slices of prosciutto and balsamic drizzle, L’Oreal would have gladly eaten an entire plate of this delicious appetizer to herself, though she’d have to fight me for it.

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