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Cayman Islands: Weekend in Paradise

The Cayman (K-Mon) Islands are absolutely stunning; with turquoise waters and hot temperatures, it’s paradise. My friend Kim from Hong Kong is working there for two months so she invited me to visit. Since it’s only a few hours and a few hundred dollar flight, I was in! While on the trip, I realized a few things about myself and re-realized a few more:

  • I love fall, but summer weather is amazing. On Facebook, everyone’s photos from back home showed them in boots and coats while I was frolicking in a swimsuit, flip flops and shorts. Tears nearly fell in my last minutes in a swimsuit.
  •  Traveling when your accommodation is free is the best idea ever. Such a money saver! I got four nights in a hotel suite complete with a pool and a 2-minute walk to the beach for free! Also, two of our dinners were paid for by Kim’s coworkers. Nothing was cheap in Cayman so I saved myself another hundred dollars by eating with them!
  •  With a good book or magazine, I can hang out by the pool, lounge at the beach or sit in an airplane/airport for hours on end. This trip was accompanied by an old Cosmo and my book club book called Love with a Chance of Drowning. Both of which were entertaining and perfect beach reads. (I recommend the book, by the way, I just haven’t told my book club that yet!)


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