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London and Paris!!

I’ve just returned from an awesome, fun, and exhausting trip to Europe. With multiple of my closest friends from Hong Kong, we visited the sites in London and traveled to Paris. Here’s a rundown of the cool stuff I did:

Day 1: London – I didn’t sleep for 36 hours this weekend because of the time change, so as soon as I landed in London (at 6am, mind you), Shelley and I were off and running! I told her to not let me sleep until bedtime, so we left the house for 12 hours – I must’ve been running on pure travel adrenaline! We went to Brick Lane to visit the markets, ate “famous” bagels (aka we saw a line and thought, “Why not join that line? It looks popular!” They were just okay, in case you were wondering…), and perused the flower market nearby. Shelley’s friend Ella met us in the afternoon, took us to a farm in the city, and then we walked along a canal to a delicious little hipster bar located in a coffee mill. Then we went to a rooftop bar, listened to a band, and met up with Shelley’s roommates – who are hilarious by the way…think fraternity house circa 2003. We were exhausted but starved, so we went to dinner and after hitting a very big wall, I was in bed by 11:00pm, 36 hours after waking up in Chicago.

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