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Restaurant For Two: Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Restaurant for Two: a feature where I bring a friend to a restaurant and we write a review together. Thanks to my gal pal, Lindsay, for eating along with me at Luella’s Southern Kitchen!

After my trip to New Orleans last March, I’ve been hooked on Southern cooking. So when the chance to try Luella’s Southern Kitchen crossed my inbox, I was in! The menu changes for the seasons, but sticks to the traditional and creative interpretations of Southern favorites from Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Carolinas – think mac and cheese, catfish, and blackberry pie.

With an impressive resume under his belt, chef/owner Darnell Reed uses locally sourced ingredients to make classic fare with flare. Luella’s menu is made for sharing – like Southern U.S. tapas! Choose from appetizers, small plates, sandwiches, sides, and desserts to make a meal that the whole family or a group of your friends can all try. Continue reading Restaurant For Two: Luella’s Southern Kitchen