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Restaurant for Two: Nando’s PERi PERi

Restaurant for Two: a feature where I bring a friend to a restaurant and we write a review together. Lucky for me, I was able to bring TWO friends to Nando’s. Thanks to my partners-in-crime, Kira and Janelle, for joining me!

Nando’s PERi PERi may have over 1,000 restaurants worldwide, but they’ve only just broken into the US market. After establishing a pretty strong presence in the D.C. area, they decided to make Chicago their next stop after receiving countless requests from Chicagoans.

On a trip to London, the students I traveled with convinced me that Nando’s was the place to be (apparently One Direction is in love with their food), so we made a special trek around the city in search of the official chicken of 1D, and boy were we glad we did! So, when I read that Nando’s was coming to Chicago, I was stoked. I went to their soft opening last year with friends and I was just as in love as when I’d gone in London. We tried a variety of dishes, each one more flavorful and yummy than the last.

Let’s start with the name: PERi PERi is a Portuguese/South African blend of Bird’s Eye chili, spices, herbs, garlic, and lemon. Nando’s marinates their chicken overnight and grills it made-to-order over an open flame. Whatever the secret is, PERi PERi chicken is moist and tender with spicy flavor. You can even choose the spice level of your sauce; from Extra Hot to Plain, there are six options, including my personal favorite – the sweet and tangy Lemon and Herb. Continue reading Restaurant for Two: Nando’s PERi PERi