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New Blog For My New Adventure

Welcome to my new blog—New Girl in the City! This will serve as the chronicle of my new adventure post-Hong Kong. It’ll start with my job search, then onto my eventual move back to the States and then how I get along in my new city. I’m super excited about where my life will take me…even if I don’t know where that is yet or what I’ll be doing once I get there!

The preparations for this new life journey have begun. I’ve been applying for jobs all over the States—from New York to Chicago to Austin to cities in California. I’m being choosy about what types of schools I’m applying to (only independent schools so far) and about what cities I’m choosing (big ones with lots to do) because I’d like wherever I move next to be where I settle down for a while. Better make it good so I want to stay! So far I’ve had interviews for a school in St. Louis (though I didn’t get the job), Chicago, and Austin. Ideally, I’d end up in Chicago since that’s the closest big city to my family, but for now, I’ll take what I can get.  As much as it feels like I need a job before I return I’m really not too worried—I have great qualifications and a passion for something else: writing! If I thought it was hard applying for teaching jobs overseas, it’s even more difficult looking for writing/editing positions. I do have experience now but no degree in the field so I think that puts my resume in a difficult place. It should be easier once I’m in a city, can show my face, and prove that I’m worth it. Wherever I end up and whatever I end up doing, I have a good feeling it’ll be the right thing for me (at least my fortune tells me so).