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Stunning Sri Lanka

While living in Hong Kong from 2010-2012, I traveled to many different countries around Southeast Asia and wrote about a few of them in my then-blog, Ashley’s HK Experience. As a new travel piece to this blog, I’m reposting my piece on a trip to Sri Lanka that my friend Jamie and I took in January 2012. 

Thank Buddha (and, believe me, I saw a lot of them this past week-in parks, downtown, in the middle of farmland, etc.) the sun was out when I arrived back in Hong Kong today. After a week in Sri Lanka with its sunny and 27˚C weather every day, I wasn’t sure the smog and chilly January air would have enticed me back to HK. But it wasn’t just the gorgeous weather or the fact that I could actually see the sun that made my seven-day journey through this serene island country a fantastic getaway.

As many of us transients know and live (or is it love?), Hong Kong is the place to party.  With constant happy hours and free ladies’ nights, most of us can’t resist the urge to sip a chocolate martini or guzzle a Pure Blonde most days of the week. But, if you want a break from the liver damage, don’t choose Boracay for your next beach vacation; instead choose the chill Sri Lanka with its beaches, stunning drives through the mountains and cultural sites to drink in.

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