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Which Career Do I Choose?

As part of my usual Sunday routine I perused the Independent Schools website and the Illinois Education Job Bank in search of jobs that are in awesome, fun, totally rad cities and that both fit my qualifications and my desires for a job.  For some reason, today I started to feel the crunch.  It’s the end of March and after sending out countless resumes to schools of interest, 3 first interviews, and zero job offers, the panic began to set in.  I am great, my resume is great, but the fact that I’m in Hong Kong serves as both a positive and a detriment to my CV.  I think it makes my background interesting, but I doubt that people are willing to entertain the idea of interviewing someone living overseas.  They can’t see me (Skype is here, people!!), so it’s hard to get a good feel for who I really am.

Panic set in and resume sending was set in motion.  I found multiple jobs that fit the aforementioned and despite a hiccup in the Illinois application system, I applied to many jobs in hopes that someone somewhere will see that I belong there.

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