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Colorado…the Land of Adventure and Scouts!

I really do have the best job ever. Last week, I traveled to sunny Colorado with 18 girls and 3 other adults to partake in adventures galore. Below is an account of our fun from email excerpts that the girls wrote to their parents. Enjoy!


We’ve arrived in beautiful Colorado! After a short, yet somewhat turbulent flight, we hopped on a two-hour bus ride to Snow Mountain Ranch. We arrived just in time for dinner, then did a group activity and a map orientation of the camp. We’re on our way to bed now in order to get up nice and early for a ropes course.

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Barcelona, La Bella

If Spain is on your bucket list, then place Barcelona straight at the top. While touristy in some places, there are nooks and crannies where you can hide away from the bustling crowds with a cheap beer, tasty treat, or amongst the trees at a beautiful park.

On a recent trip, Barcelona was the first stop on a whirlwind tour of gorgeous Spanish cities holding famous sightseeing locations. There is so much to do and see in Spain, that four days in Barcelona proved to be the perfect amount of time. Whether you’re tacking on more of Spain or are traversing around Europe, a long weekend is just right for fitting in amazing churches, delicious dishes, and quaint gardens.

Things to Do

*The #1 can’t-miss, must-do in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia, the architect Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece cathedral. I know what you’re thinking – another church in Europe? No big deal! But you would be very wrong. La Sagrada Familia is unlike any church I have ever seen. With columns formed like trees reaching over 150 feet, stunningly translucent stained glass windows, and a grander façade than I’ve seen before, you will be in awe. Best tip I can give you here – get your tickets online first! Lines circle around the building and can last hours. Second best tip: do the audio tour. It’s a few bucks extra, but the fun facts are totally worth it.

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With Every Snag Comes a Bright Spot

On a vacation, everything doesn’t always go as you’d planned, and sometimes, you make a wrong plan. Shelley’s and my recent trip to Spain was spectacularly beautiful, but we ran into a few snags along the way. Luckily, though, these misfortunes always had a bright spot.

Snag #1: Shelley and I were meant to arrive at the Barcelona airport 5 minutes apart from each other – perfect timing to meet at the immigration desk…unless you’re at two different terminals…which we were. Once we’d both figured this out, we went on the search for each other. We had no way to communicate since we didn’t have data or wifi, so I crossed my fingers and hopped on an airport bus to Terminal 1.

Bring Spot: Fate stepped in and made Shelley’s flight about 15 minutes late, which gave me just enough time to get from T2 to T1. I hadn’t even made it to the arrivals hall, when there was Shelley searching for the bus to my terminal. Thank you fate for making that easy!!

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London and Paris!!

I’ve just returned from an awesome, fun, and exhausting trip to Europe. With multiple of my closest friends from Hong Kong, we visited the sites in London and traveled to Paris. Here’s a rundown of the cool stuff I did:

Day 1: London – I didn’t sleep for 36 hours this weekend because of the time change, so as soon as I landed in London (at 6am, mind you), Shelley and I were off and running! I told her to not let me sleep until bedtime, so we left the house for 12 hours – I must’ve been running on pure travel adrenaline! We went to Brick Lane to visit the markets, ate “famous” bagels (aka we saw a line and thought, “Why not join that line? It looks popular!” They were just okay, in case you were wondering…), and perused the flower market nearby. Shelley’s friend Ella met us in the afternoon, took us to a farm in the city, and then we walked along a canal to a delicious little hipster bar located in a coffee mill. Then we went to a rooftop bar, listened to a band, and met up with Shelley’s roommates – who are hilarious by the way…think fraternity house circa 2003. We were exhausted but starved, so we went to dinner and after hitting a very big wall, I was in bed by 11:00pm, 36 hours after waking up in Chicago.

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