Karma Came and Got Me

A few days back I wrote a blog curious about why guys take phone number and don’t call them. Well, the universe read said blog and both guys I’d written about texted me within a couple of days. I decided to go on a date with one of them (the biker who randomly stopped me on the street) and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. On my way home, thanks to my handy phone transcriber, I made a list of the words that came to mind…

short * self-righteous * presumptuous * florist * biker * grabby * self-conscious * bodybuilder * veiny * full of himself * unsettling * awkward * strange * corny * silly * goofy * horny * confident * annoying * pompous * pretended to use carrot as a tongue * karma came to bite me on the ass * complimentary * kept calling himself cute * drunk * alcoholic * immature * said, “I will lead you to the Lord” * hypocrite * persistent

If you couldn’t tell from this very awesome list of words, I will not be seeing this guy again…

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