Whistle While You Work (from Home)

The interview process has been progressing making me ponder my life as an at-home-worker. Soon, I’m sure I’ll be working out of an office, commuting to work, and dealing with other people. But, for now, I’m enjoying spending my time working from home and here’s why:

*Not waking up to an alarm – for my entire life, an alarm has ruled my early morning hours, screaming at me to take a shower, go to school, eat breakfast, get to work. For the last 2 months, I’ve woken up on my own accord, when my body says I’ve gotten enough sleep. It is glorious. I still wake up fairly early – anywhere between the hours of 6am and 8 – but my body really appreciates getting up when it wants to.

*In bed ‘til noon – even though I wake up early, sometimes I stay in the cozy warmth of my bed until noon; I’m not sleeping or reading or laying there the whole time, but usually working or applying for jobs. It’s nice to stay in my pajamas and choose to shower when I want.

*The food – maybe the scale doesn’t appreciate it (or maybe that’s just me reading the scale), but at home, there is always a plethora of food. I don’t have to worry about eating a school lunch or waiting in line for the microwave, I can just eat when I’m hungry. I used to sneak food when my students “weren’t looking” because I was just so darn hungry, so now when I’m feeling a hunger pain, I can walk 3 steps to the kitchen and check out what leftovers there are or what new recipes I want my mom to make for dinner.

*Welcome distractions – sometimes work is boring, as I’m sure you can all concur, so if I want to get on Facebook, I can; if I want to catch up on an episode of Dexter, I will; if the dishes need to be done, I’ll wash them. It’s not only a brain break, it keeps my parents’ house clean. That also means I can run errands if I want to or call up my grandma to go get ice cream.

*No need to get dressed up – sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day and usually I don’t worry about putting on make-up. Not only am I saving money on not buying clothes (which I have only bought 1 piece of clothing since July!!) or make-up, I am comfortable.

*No commute – everyday on FB I see people pissed off at their Chicago commute, and in HK I was traveling by bus or train everyday for at least 45 minutes one way. I do not miss those days and I do not look forward to the future with them, so for now, I’ll revel in the fact that the furthest I have to go to do work is down the stairs or, if I’m feeling frisky, in my car to Panera.

I’m sure these lazy days won’t last forever, but I’m glad to have them while they’re here.

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