The First 24 Hours

I’ve officially lived in Chicago for over 24 hours and it’s already been one helluva ride! Here are a few bright spots (and quirky tells) from Day 1:

*My parents are the best!! With my 12th move in 15 years, they have been there for every step of the way. Thank you!

*Slept like a baby last night. No panic dreams about living in a strange new place or about my new job. It’s meant to be.

*Had to wait out three trains this morning because they were all too full. Just like the HK MTR, dumbasses don’t huddle in the middle making it impossible for the people at the door to go anywhere. #nothingschanged

*Guys on the “el” (for my foreign friends, that stands for elevated train aka the “subway in the air”…and sometimes underground) listen to the music impossibly loud. Turn it down, or you’ll go deaf!

*Heard motha f*ck*r at least 50 times on one 15-minute train ride to work. Must have been quite a story to get that lady so pissed off…

*I suck at directions. Even with a smart phone, I get lost all the time. If I do it once, though, I got it. But because I went the wrong way today, that means it’s back to square one tomorrow morning.

*My job is amazing! My boss is really nice and very relaxed about times to be at work and providing comp time for working nights/weekends. My coworkers are all super friendly and helpful. I’m excited to go back!

*Awesome events I’m already signed up to go see/do for free with work: stay at the Chicago Hostel for a night, have dinner with travelers to Chicago, and see Les Mis; watch A Christmas Carol as a kick-off to the holiday season with a bunch of kids and their families (and hopefully mine, too!).

*Saw a girl that I’ve known since dance classes starting in second grade in my building! New friend to reconnect with!!

*Made plans with two other friends for the week. Chicago is shaping up to be quite the social place – exactly why I wanted to move here!

*Today made me so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling on the way to the train this evening. I just had this huge sloppy grin for about 30 minutes because I had such a good day. I’m so psyched about what’s to come with my job!

*Met a girl on the morning train and ran into her on the evening train, too. Made a new friend…

*Haven’t worked a real 9-5 job before and man is it tiring! I do love the flexibility of it, though. No kiddos staring at you and watching your every move. Just do what I want when I want…I can pee when I gotta, I can take a walk to the cafeteria with a bunch of hot bankers if I want a brownie, etc.

*Groceries here are hella expensive. I will no longer go to Treasure Island for my weekly grocery visits. Seriously, a bag of grapes was over 7 bucks!!!!

*Joined Groupon Chicago – the official sign I’m living in a city [and that I’ll be spending lots of money and getting lots of massages]

*My roommates are all so funny, sweet, and quirky. Had a blast laughing tonight at random stuff.

*Seriously, the guys here are freaking hot! Who can resist a dapper young gentleman in a suit?!

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