The thankful season is upon us and with this time, we reflect upon all that makes us grateful and appreciative in our lives. I have a bevy of things and people to be thankful for:

*My parents are the best! Not only have they moved me 12 times in 15 years, they’ve sent me away to live in a foreign country for 2 years, helped me financially when I wasn’t on my own two feet, let me live at their house when I needed it, and all around are supportive of my choices. When I said that I wanted to move to Asia, they were shocked and sad, but let me spread my wings. When I said that I wanted to quit teaching, my mom didn’t even flinch when she told me to do what made my heart happy. I am definitely lucky!

*My entire family may be a bit on the crazy side, but they, too, are extremely supportive and open-minded to the many changes I’ve made in recent years. I get frequent texts from my Aunt Joyce telling me how proud she is of me and that she loves me. My cousins are funny and we all get along so well. Matthew and Kristen are star-quality siblings who gave me an adorable, sweet niece whom I love to pieces.

*I’m so glad I’ve had the experiences in my life that I’ve had. Even the “bad” things that’ve happened to me have helped me grow to be a more independent and well-rounded person. Having lived in a small town, in Hong Kong, and now Chicago means I’m lucky to have choices and an education to support my thirst for new things. Illinois Wesleyan was the perfect school for me to attend, living in Ottawa taught me life lessons, and living abroad taught me the self-determination to do what I need in my life.

*I’ll be forever grateful for yoga being a part of my life. Everyone needs a stress relief, and not only do I get relaxation from yoga, I also get peace of mind, flexibility, strength, and all-around happiness. Also, the fact that I really wanted to do yoga teacher training allowed me to not go back to teaching and find a job that I hope will really fulfill my career needs and my heart’s needs.

*True friends are few and far between, but because they’re true friends that means they’re genuine people who care for each other. I am fortunate to have met so many great people living in HK that I can still call friends. I also have friends from high school and a select few from college that I know will be at my wedding someday (in the not so near future). Thankfully, I can also call my family my friends because they always have been and always will be there for me.

*Lastly, I’m thankful for the opportunity I have at hand. A job that really impacts others’ lives, money to afford a nice apartment with funny roommates, and a bright future full of friends, family, and love.

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