Now I’m not sure if the reason I tear up every time I see a baby or a pregnant person or hear the word nursery (or…you get the idea) is because I’ve finally found a great guy that I could see myself settling down with or because my biological clock is ticking, but I’ve been #babyfever for the last few weeks. (And, no, I don’t ever use hashtags, but I think in this case, it’s appropriate…)

·         Whilst riding the el to work, I see a very adorable and very talkative three-year-old boy. He has an adorably cute mop of curly hair atop his head and a very sweet demeanor. After boarding the train, his father sits the boy on his lap. They begin a normal conversation about Florida and how to get there…do you take a train? Can I walk there faster? How about an airplane? The dad not only makes me want to marry him immediately, the conversation makes my heart melt. Once the train is rather busy, the preschooler asks a random man if he has any children. “No,” the man answers. How about any pets? “I have a dog and a cat,” the stranger says. “Oh no!” screeches the boy loudly, “Don’t they fight all the time?!” The car erupts with laughter. #babyfever

·         It’s a sunny day in Sycamore and I’m home to visit my family for Mother’s Day. Elise, my very adorable niece (I mean, hello?!, have you seen the pictures!) is also at my parents’ house. And only because it’s Mother’s Day, I agree to do some weeding for my mom. Lisey follows me from weed to weed; I dig them up, she holds onto them, then together we make our way to the trash to throw them away. She doesn’t care that her hands are mildly dirty and she certainly loves to help her favorite auntie. #babyfever

·         Was watching a musical recently when a “freshly married” actress enters the stage. She’s beaming. It’s clear she’s “pregnant” and can’t wait to tell her “mother”. When she shares the news, the stage erupts with excitement. I get jealous. #babyfever

·         It’s scene 2 and the pregnant lady is now fully pregnant (well, fully fake pregnant) and she waddles around. Everyone dotes on her. #babyfever

·         In March, my best friend Katie calls to tell me she’s pregnant! My first reaction? Tears of jealousy. My very quick (I swear, it was a mere 10 seconds later) second reaction? Coos of excitement! Yay! #babyfever

·         Had dinner with another friend last week who informed me that she and her husband are trying for baby numero dos. She explains that she’s very excited, but a little sad that none of her friends are in the same place that she is…married with almost 2 kids. #babyfever

·         Today I went to the Chicago Children’s Museum for work. There were a ridiculous amount of ridiculously cute kids and tots running around with their parents helping them build skyscrapers, bowl, and play in the water works. I want to be a stay at home mom who plays with her kids in the middle of the work day at an awesome museum. #babyfever

*Side note to my mother: No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’m not getting pregnant for quite some time. Now, take a deep breath…

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