Happy Life, Happy Life

It’s been almost a year since I returned to the U.S. – my how the time flies!

My life now is the exact opposite of my time in Hong Kong, but both were the perfect prescription for what I needed at the time.

HK was full of flavor and excitement with trips to exotic locations and nights out dancing ‘til 4am. I lived alone in a rather expensive studio with my family 8,000 miles away. On Saturday nights, I drank too much and woke up on Sundays to hikes in the beautiful countryside all with friends from around the world. I was a teacher, writer, and editor who made good money and saved a somewhat impressive amount. My life was fun, fantastic, and highly memorable.

Now, my life is beautiful and happy with trips to U.S. cities and staying in ‘til midnight. I have a fabulous roommate in a huge apartment and luckily my family is only 60 miles away. On Saturday nights I hang out with my lovely boyfriend attending festivals, going out for dinner, and exploring Chicago; while Sunday mornings bring sleep-ins, housework, and discovering the new neighborhood. My friend pool is small but mighty. I work a nonprofit organization making a less impressive salary and saving a scant amount. My life is relaxing, satisfying, and enjoyable.

I may have had polar opposite lives, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was happy in Hong Kong and I’m very happy now. Lucky girl, I am.

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