My Own Little Happiness Project

I’ve been a bit of a sad sack since the break up, but when a video popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, I instantly thought, “I need this in my life.” The video states that success does not lead to happiness, but happiness does lead to success. In order to get happy, the speaker mentioned a few techniques:

1.    Every day write down 3 things that made you happy throughout the day

2.    Write a journal piece

3.    Send a note to a friend as a random act of kindness

4.    Exercise

5.    Meditate


“C’mon get happy,” I told myself! So, on Wednesday, I started writing down three things that made me happy that day and either wrote a journal about an event that occurred or did a random act of kindness by writing a note to a friend/family member who impacted my day. And guess what, it made me happy…or at least happier than a crying girl who can’t stop thinking about her ex!


Here are (most of!) my happinesses in the past week:

 *Wednesday, July 10

1.    Having a happy household to come home to

2.    Having Kira in my life when I need a friend most

3.    My parents checking in on me consistently to make sure I’m happy

*Thursday, July 11

1. Having dinner with Betsy was wonderful – we have so much in common and I’m happy to say that I’ve made a new friend in Chicago!

2. I’m also grateful for my coworker, Janelle, who not only made the drive to/from work more enjoyable, she makes each and every day at work a little brighter. Another new friend!

*Friday, July 12

1.    Everything about work today was great!

2.    Had dinner with Caitlyn tonight. Drove out to the burbs and hung out family style.

3.    Found Pink Lemonade Sorbet – it was scrumptious.

*Saturday, July 13

1.    Today’s work party was a total success! I felt very proud leaving work today.

2.    My mom made the trek into the city today to watch The Jungle Book with me. I’d planned to go with Mario for his birthday, so when we broke up on Monday, the first person I thought to invite was my mom…and very glad I did.

3.    The show was awesome! Great music, cool dancing, fun acting. All in all a great performance.

*Sunday, July 14

1.    I saw Elise today; it always makes me happy to be around her.

2.    My dad threw a great family fun party for the Lions Club. I’m proud of him!

*Monday, July 15

1.    I didn’t have a single tear today and I only thought about Mario 677 times all day! Ha! Actually, it was a pretty good single girl day.

2.    I opened up a library card today! Yay! I love to read, but have been neglecting it in my life lately.

3.    After months of declaring that I need to get my pants hemmed, I finally made the time and effort to drop them off, as well as a dress that I want shortened. They’ll be ready just in time for London!

*Tuesday, July 16

1.    Got a massage today and it was amazing. Best Groupon ever.

2.    Kira and I hung out at her house tonight. Had dinner, got a few Keaton hugs, and chatted for hours. I’m really lucky to have Kira in my life and in Chicago.

3.    Finally booked a tourist attraction for the UK – Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge here I come!!

*Wednesday, July 17

1.    After work today I went to a yoga studio to learn about their 500-hour yoga teacher training program. It looks expensive and time consuming, but at least I made the choice to learn more and maybe go through with it. The best part is the classes are at my speed, so I just may do it…we’ll see!

2.    It might have been a heat index of 97* today, but my little AC unit kicks ass.

3.    Ate a cupcake. It was delicious. Awesome roommate.

*Thursday, July 18

1.    Today was my last day of work until August 5th! Woo!!!

2.    Tonight, Betsy and I took a Latin Dance Class. It was fun and I actually have a bit of rhythm. Wouldn’t say I’m a natural, but I’m glad I found a new activity to do!

3.    Talked to my best friend Katie tonight on the phone. Love our catch-up phone dates!


Who needs to be sad when there’s so much happiness out there!

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