Because this statement is coming from me, it may just blow your mind: dating can be fun! See almost any blog about dating that I’ve written since the inception of or and you’d find the horror/hilarious stories that have been my dating life…yellers, nose rubbers, serenaders, ear lickers, Mr. Boring #1, Mr. Boring #2, white socks, etc. etc.

But this time around, I’ve actually discovered a fun way to meet new people – I’ve joined a singles’ softball/kickball league. “What’s that?” you might be asking. It’s the #1 sport for American girls + the best game from P.E. class combined into a hilariously fun 45 minutes. Every other inning, we switch back and forth between kickball and softball. I even caught the kickball twice and got on base every time – woop!

I’m on a team of 16 – 8 girls, 8 guys all of whom are single. Best bonus ever! Not only are there plenty of hot (okay, a few hot) dudes, but there are tons of awesome single girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current friends, but most of them are married or in a relationship which doesn’t make for many wing-women to fly alongside. I’ve already found a bang-up group of ladies to call friends and it’s only week 3! Score!

Week 1’s game ended in a tie, but it didn’t really matter, because we were all about having fun. Our team met up before the game for a drink or two, then headed for the field. Post-game included more debaucherous choices, such as flippy cup and birthday shots. Another reason to celebrate? The 250 potential people that are at the bar! Our entire league is sponsored by one bar not too far from the field, so every team congregates here before and after the games (it helps that we get two free pitchers!). Adding to the hotness is the fact that not only does the softball/kickball league meet here, there’s also the flag football group that comes as well! Double bonus!

Even though it poured last week, there was still an awesome turnout of people for more flippy cup, a football game after the rain, and team bonding. My team may be a band of misfits, but we certainly know how to have fun. And as for the single guys – I’ve got my eye on a smart, funny one, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got 124 more unattached men to sort through.

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