“You Lose Some, You Tie Some”

Well, it’s no secret; my softball/kickball team is awful. With 4 games under our belt, we have a 0-3-1 record with approximately 15 runs scored total (the best team has probably over 50 if that explains anything). The last two games were murder, 45 minutes of hell x2. Error after error, out after out after out. Team morale is subpar; even our opponents don’t relish in their victories. 

All was not in vain by joining this league, though, as I’ve made multiple great girlfriends with whom I can see continuing to be friends and I’ve been on a date with a guy from my team (date 2 is Saturday!). 

Another homerun is the drinking. I’m no alcoholic but I’ve played more drinking games (flippy cup and fingers) in the past month than I’ve played in the last 12 years and had a ball! It’s the socializing in the league that have made the 6 weeks of “athletic” torture worth it. 

Tonight is our final game and my fingers are crossed that we pull a W. Otherwise, I may just have to bust out my deck of cards for a round of Circle of Death to help drown in my sporty sorrows. Though I’m sure all will be forgotten when I’m on date 2 or when I’m cheers-ing with my new friends. 

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