Kappa Konnection

In college, being a Kappa was really fun; not only did it bring plenty of social opportunities, it also was the perfect way to make friends. Throw 50 girls in a house add water and voila! instant friends. And for the four years of college, that proved true for many girls. It’s the aftermath – the post-college era – that proved to be the difficult part: how to stay friends with people whilst living in different states, different countries, and different stages of life.

According to Facebook, that “Kappa Konnection” proved strong enough to sustain friendships for many of my Kappa sisters. They’re bridesmaids for the Kappa bride, they attend Homecoming together, and throw each other baby showers. My konnection didn’t withstand the test of time with a single Kappa from Wesleyan until I moved, of all places, to Hong Kong. Here, I met several Kappas from other universities and whether or not we became fast friends or mere Facebook friends, these ladies became an important part of my time overseas. One girl helped me in my first few weeks in Asia (P.S. I teared up reading this oldie!), another introduced me to new friends, and all of them were fun girls to share a Thursday night cocktail hour.

While I may not have remained forever friends with these Hong Kong Kappas, it did demonstrate the value of joining a sorority. In the spirit of making new friends, I’ve joined the Kappa alumna loop group here in Chicago where I’ve participated in activities like book club and dinners out. Again, I’ve met nice girls with whom I’ve gotten along for the two hour events, but haven’t made the konnection that I’ve been searching for with my fellow sorority sisters.

But, I think I may have finally found my Kappa groove by joining the advisory board at the Loyola chapter. I’m advising a college junior, Fran, who is the Education officer; within this role, I help Fran plan events that teach girls about the history of KKG and importance of the fraternity. We recently had Founders Day which celebrated the six women who began Kappa Kappa Gamma at Monmouth College 143 years ago. Before the celebration, I sat through a chapter meeting with the undergrads. Surrounded by 100 girls with a kommon purpose helped me remember why I became a Kappa in college: the komraderie, the friendship, and the fun. Despite not having everlasting friendships from my Kappa experiences, I can be very thankful for the four great years I spent at 105 E. Graham St. and the new experiences I’ve gained as an alumna. So, I’ll say it again, thank heavens I’m a Kappa!

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