A Month of Thanks

With the spirit of Thanksgiving embracing November, every day this month I wrote down one thing for which I was grateful. This is a great tradition done by many of my Facebook friends and something I also completed in 2011.

Day 1: Got on a plane today to Boston to visit my friend, Steve. I’m thankful that the travel bug has bitten me.

Day 2: I am so lucky to have friends that live all over the world and the U.S. In the past year, it means that I’ve had free accommodation in California, London, and Boston. Next on the list: Texas and Nashville (if you’ll have me!)

Day 3: I am more than grateful for my time in Hong Kong for it made me adventurous, independent, and happy. It also brought me to Chicago!

Day 4: I adore travel, but I also love home. After a very fun four days in Boston, it feels great to sleep in my own bed, lie on the couch watching the DVR, and to eat a home-cooked meal.

Day 5: Happy 1 year anniversary to my job! Feeling very grateful today for this past year thanks to a job that I love.

Day 6: Got dinner tonight with friends from Hong Kong. It was fun to reminisce and I look forward to getting to know each other more.

Day 7: Yoga! I might not have fulfilled my yoga teaching prophesy yet, but I still love it.

Day 8: Chicago has an awesome cultural scene; I’ve been to shows in small theatres, festivals with awesome food, and to tons of museums. Today I saw a very sad, but mighty show at The Den called Shadow Town about sex trafficking in Chicago – scary stuff, man.

Day 9: Today, I’m thankful for friends new and old. I had dinner with my lovely friend Kira whom I’ve known for over 20 years. I’ve also made this wonderful little group of friends from my softball team who on a daily basis make me laugh in our group chats.

Day 10: Sunday, glorious Sunday. I love days when there’s nothing to do, but relaxation time.

Day 11: I’m grateful for my sense of humor which allows me to laugh at the ridiculous dates I’ve gone on. Otherwise, I’d probably cry…

Day 12: So thankful that normal guys do exist.

Day 13: I’m glad for the interesting work project that has lead me all over Northwest Indiana. Oh, and I’m certainly happy for my paid-off car.

Day 14: Betsy and I took our first salsa class, so I’m grateful for a bit of natural rhythm and fun dance class. And, of course, a friend to dance with!

Day 15: Spent my Friday night spreading my love of travel to the Girl Scouts.

Day 16: My family! Eight of my female family members came to the city to see A Christmas Carol with me. Such a fun day!

Day 17: As much as I randomly miss Hong Kong, I’m happy to be back home and close to my family so I can see them often.

Day 18: Locked myself out of the house today. Thankful that my roommate let me steal her keys and that the taxi ride was only $21 to pick them up instead of the $50 it would’ve cost to get the lock opened.

Day 19: I love my DVR. That is all.

Day 20: I adore days when I can sleep in! Don’t work ‘til 1:00 today, so I’m hanging out in bed all morning writing blog posts and chatting with friends.

Day 21: Today, I was all sorts of sick. Two doctors, three prescriptions. So thankful that I have insurance and that good healthcare exists in America.

Day 22: Got free tickets to the circus; glad my parents and roomie could join me!

Day 23: So glad to have made new friends since I moved to Chicago! Didn’t want to sit at home on a Saturday night, so texted a new friend and got drinks.

Day 24: I’m knee-deep in volunteer opps: Mikva Challenge and Big Brothers Big Sisters are my newest projects.

Day 25: Mmmm I love sleep. Is there a trend??

Day 26: My plans got cancelled today at the last minute. I love city life and that I’m so close to lots of things, specifically walking-distance to the Walgreens for a bottle of wine and a frozen pizza.

Day 27: Spent the day with my beautiful niece, Elise. Very, very grateful to be near this sweet girl.

Day 28: Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to spend the day with my funny family today.

Day 29: Today was free laundry day at my parents’ house – woo hoo!

Day 30: I have a wonderful group of high school friends who got together today. It’s been 11 years since we parted ways, yet we always seem to find ourselves getting together around the holidays and for big occasions. Very blessed to still have them in my life.

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