Revelations of the week

1. I just realized with aghast that while I sit here mindlessly looking at my Facebook newsfeed and getting annoyed with (*cough* jealous of *cough*) everyone’s baby and wedding photos, that I am just like you!! I never shut up about my dating life. My stories might not be as cute as your newborn or as stunning as your white dress, but it’s what I got, so thanks for reading 🙂

2. What I’m about to say will neither shock nor amaze you. I am a monogamist. A serial monogamist. But I’m not just into monogamy when I’m in love or in a committed relationship, I also prefer to date just one guy. After one date or two, I can tell if I want to continue to see the guy at hand and then will proceed to completely ignore any other guys on my radar. I’ve even gone so far as to quit the site where I’m yielding my radar after a couple of good dates. Is my love detector kicking in or am I going about this all wrong? For the record, this repeating feeling isn’t done out of free will; I’m like compelled to do this by some ulterior force. So simply stopping isn’t as easy as just saying no. 

But juggling guys is a very valid method of finding a mate, mainly because it would cause me to not be so obsessed with the “chosen one”. All of my attention wouldn’t be on one dude causing said dude to quiver with the fear of my biological clock ticking. Another great reason to date around is the fact that there are a lot of really great guys out there and if I’m spending all my energy on one great guy, there’s the possibility of even greater guys on the horizon. And if I don’t look, I can’t find ‘em. 

3. Is the real reason I want to find someone the fact that I want to stop searching? I am tired of going on first dates and continuously having to find new guys to date. Maybe I just need to take a break. For real this time. Just go out and do the things I want to do, then quite possibly a good catch will come my way when I least expect it. (Yea, I know, I’ve heard that one before, too…)

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