Speed Friending

In preparation for the speed dating event I’m going to in a couple of weeks, I went to a speed friending event last night. The same concept prevailed – 5 minutes with loads of strangers. There were over 25 people, a good mix of women and men. Half of the people stayed in their seats, while the other half rotated around the room. After 5 minutes, the movers would switch and up would start a whole new conversation with someone they’d never met.

By the end of two hours, I was able to meet 13 new people, both guys and girls. Conversations ranged from jobs to neighborhoods where we live to our favorite restaurants. Five minutes goes really quickly, especially when there’s enjoyable conversation and palpable chemistry. I met multiple girls who were hilarious and the conversation flowed smoothly. I also chatted with a bunch of boys in their young 20s. Contrary to why I thought I was there, I bonded with the ladies much more than the dudes. Who doesn’t need more friends? 

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