Goodbye Logan Square

Today marks my last day as a resident of Logan Square. My roommate, Betsy, moved to the suburbs to be closer to work, and I’m moving in with my friend, Jen, in Roscoe Village. For the past three years, I’ve found Logan Square to be such a great neighborhood. Full of good restaurants and bars, lovely old homes, and a diverse population. Here are the top 10 things I’ll miss about my ‘hood:

  1. Scofflaw: my favorite bar! Jen and I joked that I should get a punchcard there since I go so often: get 10 craft cocktails, get 1 free. Plus, my favorite thing to do is be there at midnight to get the free cookie!
  2. Señor Pan: my favorite restaurant! Inexpensive, delicious Cuban food. And, dare I say, it’s better than 90 Miles?!
  3. Before the 606 arrived in town, I used to walk for miles around Logan, as well as the neighboring Humboldt Park and Hermosa. The streets are easily walkable with interesting, old homes. Parking is a breeze, too.IMG_4310
  4. And when the 606 did arrive, I thought it was also fab! For those of you who don’t know, this is an elevated-train-track-turned-walkway. I enjoy walking the trail west from Humboldt Blvd (my now former street) to the end. One of my favorite days of 2015 was when the trail opened. IMG_4436
  5. When walking through the neighborhood there’s a distinct diversity to it. Now that I’ll be near to Wrigleyville and on the north side of the city, the diversity is less and the expensive strollers, stay-at-home moms, and popped collar d-bags will be in full force.
  6. Another place I really enjoyed walking was Humboldt Park (technically not Logan Square, I know, but I lived just north of the park). It is huuuuuge! And while not always the cleanest, it offers plenty of cool walking spaces, as well as a new boathouse restaurant. IMG_2798
  7. I’ll miss the blue line! I love that it goes straight to O’Hare Airport and that it isn’t packed 24/7. Even though my apartment was a 20-minute walk to the train, it was really pleasant (see #3).
  8. Strangely enough, I’ll miss the grungy, up-and-coming feel of Logan Square. It’s not pristine. And it hasn’t been really touched by Mayor Emmanuel’s desire to bring in more tourists. It has it’s own vibe and it’s own funky feel.
  9. Who likes paying $15 to see a movie? Not me! That’s why I love Logan Theater. Even if you don’t use the “2 movie passes + medium popcorn” Groupon, tickets here are cheap. The movies are second run, but still great. There’s also a bar inside the theater – score!
  10. And, most of all, I’ll miss my roommate! I started my Logan journey with Katie and when she moved to Florida, Betsy moved in. I’ve had such a good experience in my apartment with such lovely ladies. IMG_8246

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