Fave 4 Chicago: Yoga Studios

In this new series, I’ll share my fave 4 lists of things to see, eat, and do in Chicago. Today, my holiest of hobbies: yoga!

I have been practicing yoga for nearly half of my life. My first class was my freshman year of college and I have been hooked ever since. I finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training in California, luxuriated at two yoga retreats (Cambodia and India), and taken countless classes in really cool spaces.

My traveling mat in Cambodia

Now that I’ve been in Chicago for 3.5 years, I’ve tried out plenty of studios and wanted to shout the good word about my favorite four.

When choosing a yoga studio, there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. price
  2. location
  3. types of classes
  4. ability to try it out, take a free class
  5. instructors

Without further ado, my Fave 4 Chicago: Yoga Studios!

Moksha Yoga

3 locations: 700 N. Carpenter, 3334 N. Clark, 2528 W. Armitage 

I completed my yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, California and the heart of their studio is similarly aligned to Moksha’s, which means Moksha has a special place in my heart. They offer an amazing array of choices, especially because they have three locations. A highlight of their schedule is the Mysore Ashtanga classes. They also offer a beginner’s track where classes are only $8, as well as free classes from their teacher trainees. I oftentimes attend their Mindful Flows and Restorative classes. Moksha has a vast amount of workshops too, ranging the gamut from dance to partner yoga to trips to India. A shoutout to their work study programs, too: I edit their newsletter so I get free classes! They are always looking for people to help out in the studio, so check their site to see if your skills align with what they need. Other cool subsidiaries of Moksha: Stonehouse Farm & Sukhava Bodhe.

X SALE Cameron Harvey in Trikonasana by Rose Yuen
photo courtesy of Moksha Yoga; Cameron Harvey in Trikonasana by Rose Yuen

Ganesha Yoga

2054 W. Irving Park 

Ganesha was my first yoga studio in Chicago and the only reason I left was because I moved to Logan Square. The classes are rather inexpensive (especially their specials!) compared to most of Chicago and they offer a few innovative ones: Ganesha Plus (“We will make sure you can do everything in this class, because yoga is for everybody. And every body, for that matter.”), Stiff Guy Yoga (“A lot of you guys are as flexible as a sheet of plywood. But there is hope for you.”), as well as basics, holistic classes, and more.

My traveling mat at Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago


Tula Yoga

2827 W. Belden

Smack dab in the middle of Logan Square, Tula Yoga offers a plethora of classes with super teachers. A few of my favorites include the Vin & Yin classes, Candlelight Yin or Vinyasa, and Happy Hour yoga (complete with wine afterwards!). When I was hurt at the end of last year, I took the Yoga Within Reach class and it was a really wonderful way to still get in my practice without straining myself. For the mamas out there, there’s a fun Family Yoga class, too! My favorite teacher here is Cassi Stuckman – can’t say enough good things about her!

My traveling mat at North Ave. Beach

Yoga Now

742 N. LaSalle

I haven’t been to quite as many yoga classes here since it’s not ideally located near my work or home, but I have chosen special occasions to go to Yoga Now. They have a really unique set of workshop offerings – including many that are getting in touch with your more spiritual self like gong baths and urban purification lodges. Their healing services are awesome, too! Shoutout to Alina for the best massages in the city! I’ve yet to find a masseuse that can read a body quite like her. She also does some great Ayurvedic massages which are just the best thing ever.

Amy Ashtavakrasana
photo courtesy of Yoga Now; Amy in Ashtavakrasana

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