Restaurant for Two: Burrito Beach

Restaurant for Two: a feature where I bring a friend to a restaurant and we write a review together. Sarah, a PR contact, and I had lunch recently at Burrito Beach, a Chicago staple of 20 years. 


Burrito Beach, with its 4 central locations, is the perfect antidote to a long work day. Whether its a lunch break or a meal you bring to the beach at 5pm, the restaurant offers delicious, made-to-order, Mexican-American fare.

Their new Beach Body Menu includes a Mexican Organic Quinoa Salad which we topped with grass-fed beef barbacoa. The beef was really flavorful and the grilled veggies added a great crunch to the sometimes-boring quinoa.


Like all good American-Mexican restaurants, Burrito Beach offers the same fillings for all sorts of dishes, from quesadillas to tacos and, of course, burritos. Sarah and I tried the goat cheese and black bean burrito; a traditional favorite handmade with citrus rice and corn salsa. I love both star ingredients, so this was the best part of our meal. Goat cheese isn’t a typical ingredient for Mexican food, but one that I plan on adding to my own make-at-home tacos.

Also on tap were the crispy quesadillas filled with poblano peppers and baja chicken. This dish came with a side of homemade tortilla chips that were made for dunking in our quinoa salad.


I really like that everything at Burrito Beach is so fresh and health-conscious. It makes going out for lunch feel like I’m doing something good for my body and, obviously, serves as a great brain break since one of their location is directly behind my building!

Burrito Beach has 4 locations:

200 E. Ohio, Streeterville

500 W. Madison, Ogilvie Train Station

19 S. LaSalle, The Loop

233 N. Michigan, The Loop

*Photos and my meal were provided by IMR Chicago

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