2017 So Far!

It’s hard to believe that nearly 2 months have gone by since I last wrote a blog post. Since deciding I was going to move to Hong Kong, I’ve written on a fairly consistent basis. Sadly, this year, though, I’ve lacked the motivation to just sit and write. When I do have spontaneous thoughts about good blog ideas, I haven’t been writing them down or cracking open my laptop and writing them that instant as I used to do. I attribute my lack of enthusiasm to write to the fact that I’m just too darn busy! Luckily, though, it’s all good things:

  • I started teaching a new yoga class!! It’s at 360 Chicago, the beautiful 94th floor observation deck at the John Hancock building. (P.S. I get free tickets if you want to come!). It’s on Saturday mornings at 9:30. The pay is great, the view is amazing, and next week I’ll be on TV promoting it!

  • Gosh-darnit, if I didn’t get myself a man. It’s been six months and things are going well. Don’t get too excited because this is all I’m telling ya. There also won’t be some cute photo collage like above.
  • Last month, I started proofreading the Cook County Farm Bureau’s monthly newsletter. I’d been reading it for years eye-rolling at the grammar each and every time. When the ad went live that they were looking for a proofreader, you better believe I called them right up. Check out my first issue here!
  • I moved – again – but this time ALL BY MYSELF! Single living is the most glorious thing in the whole wide world. It’s my fifth apartment in Chicago, but I wish it’d been my first. I’m in cute little Buena Park on the Sheridan red line.
  • In a few short weeks, it will be the last day I spend with the student I tutor since she’s graduating out of the program. It’ll be a sad day, but I plan to go back to Metro in the fall to be with someone new.
  • In February, I traveled in San Francisco to visit my high school friend, Steven, and his wife. We hiked, ate expensive ice cream, watched the Chinese New Year parade, and ferried to Alcatraz.
  • The Women’s March on Chicago was one of the best days of 2017! Multiple of my girlfriends from different parts of my life came together to march for women’s rights and to say a little eff you to the newly-inaugurated Trump administration.
  • In January, a coworker and I took six girls on a Choose Your Own Adventure trip. We showed up on Friday night with four choices of where we could leave to go the next day. The girls chose Indianapolis, so we planned all Friday night and then had a great adventure.

2017, you’ve been good to me! Let the fun times roll for April 15th and beyond!

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