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Game Player (and I ain’t talking video games…)

On a recent Saturday night, my roommate and I were out at a neighborhood bar when in waltzes my ex-boyfriend, blonde-haired girl in tow. I have absolutely zero feelings for him, so the more my roommate and I drank, the more obnoxious we became at watching them. After a couple of drinks, he led her to the dance floor where a smooch-fest ensued, eventually leading to them walking out hand-in-hand.

Flashback to February 2013 – it’s our second date and we have a few drinks at a bar, make out on the dance floor followed by us taking the same cab home (no, we didn’t sleep together, that much I can promise you…). Besides the annoying ex-girlfriend gawking at us, these two situations played out in exactly the same way: drinks, dancing, kissing, and my ex leading a girl out the door.

Obviously, I have no idea where they ended up and it’s none of my business, but I was slightly shell-shocked as this scenario took place. All along, I thought I was special. That the magical feeling I had on the dance floor with him was something unique; I honestly thought it was the first time I knew that someday I’d love this boy. Yet here he was a year and a half later, acting exactly as he had with me.

So is this his game?  Continue reading Game Player (and I ain’t talking video games…)