10 Years = A Lifetime

Tonight is my ten year high school reunion! Wow! Despite claiming for the last 10 years that there’s no way I’d miss it, I couldn’t attend because I’m in California. High school was so much fun that if I could pick to go back to any years of schooling, I’d definitely pick high school to do all over again. Cheerleading was so much fun, I made lifetime friends, I excelled in classes, I dated lots of cute boys, and had a grand ol’ time doing it all! But at 18, I left the place I’d called home since I was 5 and the roller coaster of life took over. Since I can’t tell those at the reunion what I’ve been up to for the last decade, I’m blogging instead (surprise surprise!):

*2002-2006 Attended Illinois Wesleyan University for my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

*2006-2007 Worked as an 8th grade reading teacher at Yorkville Middle School (though I’d leave out the part about how I was broken up with by my “first love” so I had to move home with my parents for a year haha)

*2007-2010 Moved to Ottawa, IL to teach third grade

*2010-2012 Moved to Hong Kong to teach in English at the American school and started writing about my experiences which led to me becoming a writer for an online women’s expat forum and an editor of multiple tourist sites

*August 2012 Attending yoga teacher training to try out a possible new career path

*Future: who freakin’ knows!

So to the SHS class of 2002, have a grand time tonight; enjoy the open bar, the good company, and the new friends you might make all over again.  I’ll see ya in 5 years!

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