Smitten with Chicago

I really wanted to love Ottawa, but then I met Hong Kong with whom I had a 2-year love affair. I was then introduced to Chicago and I’m smitten, primed to fall in love. 


Despite having an amazing apartment, the best job ever, and fun friends (albeit, all married which is great for them, but bad for my single mojo), I just couldn’t fall for Ottawa the way I’d hoped. Seriously, my life would have been so much easier if only I’d just fallen in love with that town. It would’ve saved me a whole lotta time/money in across-the-world flights and sadness with being away from my family, but it would’ve cost me a whole lot more in life experience to have stayed with Ottawa. 


Thankfully, I didn’t fall in love with that small town; thankfully, I met Hong Kong.  It began as a tumultuous love affair with me getting lost every day, not finding friends quickly, and living 8,000 miles away from everyone who was important in my life. But after a brief state of anxiety, I fell hard and fast in love with the Asian city. One of my longest relationships to date, Hong Kong was good to me, helping me to meet lifelong friends, showing me how to travel the world, and finally introducing me to its American friend, Chicago.


Now, Chicago and I only just met last November, but I can already tell it’s going to be love. With its interesting job, friends new and old, and attractive men, I think I might just in fact be smitten.  I know it’s an early conclusion to draw, but I might’ve found the one to be with forever in wedded bliss. 

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