You and Me Goin’ Fishin’ in the Dark

I joined the online dating site, Plenty of Fish, a mere 2 days before going on my first date. 24 hours later, date #2 did a whirlwind in and out. Date #3…well date #3 has turned into a whole lot more dates. Here’s the dish:

Sunday, Date 1: Nice guy, lots of money (not that I care in the least about money, but he drove a pretty sweet ride), fairly good chat. Would’ve probably seen him again, but POF was blowing up my phone so I definitely had the potential to meet someone more up my alley. To be fair to guys like this, I’ve decided it’s best to be honest about the fact that there isn’t a romantic connection. It’s not the easiest text in the world to send, but it beats the constant “Good morning, beautiful” texts I got when I said nothing at all. Some guys just don’t get the hint.

Monday, Date 2: Got tipsy, ate some crappy pasta, and listened to a ridiculously smart guy tell me about all of his college degrees and the 45 medical clinics in Africa that he built. One word = smug. In 11 words = I wanted to pull my hair out and then punch him. In the middle of me sharing my “life story,” he clasped his hands together and said, “Let me tell you about me…” Uhhh, sure, dude, go for it. Check, please! P.S. I wrote this in the bathroom in the middle of the date haha

Tuesday, Date 3: This guy has turned into dates 4, 5, 6, and 7. I’d say POF has done me good. And, yes, those are all of the details you’re privy to at this point. Stay tuned…if you’re lucky.

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