Logan Square, Part One: The Bars

In an effort to write about more than just my dating life (yes, friends and family, I’ve heard you!), I decided to take on other topics that I enjoy writing. While in Hong Kong, I dabbled in restaurant and neighborhood reviews for Sassy Hong Kong. I’ve decided to do the same but for myself and in Chicago. So, here’s my first piece on Logan Square. Enjoy! P.S. If you’re ever interested in joining me in an adventure to a new neighborhood, let me know! I especially want to hang with people in the ‘hoods they know well! 

Logan Square is best known for its mustachioed, skinny-jeaned, full-sleeved unicyclists. As a resident of this fine neighborhood for the last year-and-a-half, I can promise you that Logan Square is much more than hipsters who produce tasty craft cocktails. Milwaukee Avenue is chock-full of quaint shops, innovative bars, and mouthwatering meals. And all throughout this area there are restaurants and bars that won’t cost you a fortune and will leave you wanting to come back to Logan Square time and time again. So the next time you’re looking for some Puerto Rican rice, a cheap movie, or a white whiskey tipple, let me know and I’ll join you in the fab Logan!

Logan Square

Part One: The Bars

Let’s start this adventure with the most important reason you’ll find to come to the best Square Chicago has to offer…the Bars:

If vodka and white whiskey are in your drinking repertoire, then CDC is the place for you! The distillery is located in the heart of Logan Square complete with a tasting room perfect for a Sunday afternoon cocktail or a laid-back Friday night. Buy a drink and support our local farmers, because Chicago Distilling Company’s liquor is crafted with organic Illinois grains. Check out a distillery tour on the weekends to learn “everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the world of spirits.”

Admission: this is my favorite first date place! It’s close to home and they have really, really, really yummy drinks. Their cocktails menu is rotating which means you can never get tired of the options. A neat little trick they do is called “Dealer’s Choice”: tell the bartender or waiter what you like in your libation (vodka, sweet, and fruity or whiskey, smoky, and sour) and the bartender will craft you something with those specifications. After the drinks, stay for the food. Their French fries are super delish and the roasted cauliflower is the grand combination of salty and sweet. If all of this wasn’t enough, hang out ‘til midnight and you’ll get a free chocolate chip cookie!

Parson’s is the ideal summer spot (or don your coat and spend time there this fall). The patio is huuuuge with enough picnic tables for the entire neighborhood to have a party. Food is served (hence the name), but I don’t go to Parson’s for their chicken or their fish, I go for their Stiegl Radler in the red-and-white adorned courtyard. Other bonuses: they do a pretty mean Negroni slushy and have Bang Bang Pie shop on their dessert menu (more to come on this little slice of heaven in Logan Square, Part Two: Restaurants).


Not only does Logan Square specialize in yummy craft cocktails, craft beer is also at a premium at Revolution. I’m a big fan of Bottom Up Wit, but Anti-Hero IPA is probably their #1 seller. My fave thing is to order the samplers and get a bunch of $2 testers of everything on tap. Can you say cheap buzz?! No beer at Revolution is complete without the ever-popular bacon fat popcorn. Yes, you read that right. Bacon. Fat. Popcorn. So amazing! Popcorn cooked in bacon fat and topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Once you find out you love their beer, go a bit outside of Logan Square to the next door Avondale to check out their brewery (oh hey, free tours with free beer!).

Every once in a while you have to give into the hipster vibe in Logan Square, and one of the best places to do that is at The Whistler. They have a DJ or live music every night of the week which makes for either a really fun weekend, or a super chill weeknight. Sorry for what I’m about to do, but THEIR MILK MAID DRINK IS AH-MAZING! I dream about it. I want one now and it just turned noon (mom, I promise, I’m not an alcoholic). It’s tiny inside, so get there early and snag a spot at the bar. There is no waiter service so it’s better to belly up than stand in line every time you want the milk maid…or one of their other cocktails that I’ve never tried because I love the milk maid so damn much.

Other bars of note:

  • Masa Azul, 2901 W. Diversey

One word: Tequila

  • The Owl, 2521 N. Milwaukee

Two words: 4am bar

Oh, and the taco man outside is the best post-drink food you can imagine.

  • Longman & Eagle, 2657 N. Kedzie

Check back in the restaurant edition, but their cocktails are also on-point.

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