Girl Brain

Girl Brain is the ever-present reason why girls act the way they do around boys. Reactions include, but are not limited to…

  • Constant checking of your phone. “Has he texted yet? How about now? Now? It’s been at least 3 minutes, maybe now?!”
  • 5:03: “He texted me 1 hour after my last text, so I have to wait at least 1 hour to text him back.” 5:04: Continue to write out text, but wait until exactly 6:03 to press SEND!
  • Making up excuses for why he hasn’t texted. “His fingers got broken; he lost his phone in a fire; his phone got wiped clean because it fell in the toilet, etc. etc.”
  • Freaking out at various unnecessary moments, such as when he doesn’t ask you to hang out on Tuesday, but on Wednesday instead. “Does he have a date on Tuesday?  If he has a date on Tuesday – which he probably does – I hope it’s awful and the girl gets broccoli in her teeth.” are all examples of what could most likely run through a girl’s brain.

All of these examples of Girl Brain are real. And they’ve all happened to me…probably in the last week. My friends are all afflicted with Girl Brain from time-to-time also. There are times when we don’t know why we are being senseless, but Girl Brain is the answer.

I started chatting with a guy on Tinder a few weeks ago and the night before we were due to meet, he called me on the phone (whoa! I know!). We had a 4.5 hour phone conversation (double whoa!) on a Friday night. We asked silly questions and learned much, much more than we would’ve via texting. One of the questions that popped into our chat was our “worst traits”. Strange question, I know, but it actually gave us the best opportunity to “out” ourselves. He went first and was really honest about his negatives list. When it was my turn, I felt that I, too, should be truthful with him. I admitted that I have a case of Girl Brain. I had to explain that there are times that I am irrational in my thinking. That my emotions and feelings for a guy can certainly override what I should be saying and doing. Girl Brain doesn’t rule my roost, but it can definitely make me a little foolish.

In the weeks since when I’d say something silly or tipsy text to the guy, he’d quip: “Girl Brain, again?” And it was probably true. Instead of it being annoying, he understood. It’s not Ashley, it’s her Girl Brain. It was a great excuse for some of the things my rational brain wouldn’t normally do.

Since I admitted to this guy about my Girl Brain, I’ve wavered on whether telling him was the greatest idea ever or the worst idea ever. It really does explain some of the ridiculousness that I’ve done in my life, which makes me feel not insane, but instead temporarily out of my head. Sometimes, though, I feel like I let a secret out of the bag. Should guys really know about Girl Brain? Maybe it should just be something that was recognized by the male species, but never, ever talked about out loud.

But since I can’t reign in the statement from a month ago, I’m owning up to it. Girl Brain is real. It does exist. So, I implore you, ladies, to stand up for yourself. You can’t help that you’re a little crazy sometimes. It explains a lot to the men in your life and quite possibly even within your own head. It’s okay to be a little fanatical every once in a while, but it is also my recommendation to wait to send that “Where are you?!?! WTF!” text at 2a.m. this Saturday night.

3 thoughts on “Girl Brain”

  1. lol i have been there with that waiting an hour to reply to a text thing…at least when i was younger I would. as you get older you care less and less to analyze every little thing like that. nowadays I text when I see my phone then and there otherwise I will forget and it will be days before it gets sent!

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