Dear Future Husband

Since I’ve taken a break from free online dating sites, my brain constantly works on a mental super-profile (like a super computer, not just great, but can do it ALL!). In these past few months, I’ve read multiple articles on dating, listened to podcasts, and had bitch sessions with both single and married gal pals that gave me ideas on the “perfect” profile. And then, Meghan Trainor’s tune Dear Future Husband hit the airwaves and I knew that my super-profile would be great and honest and all about the quirkiness that is me. One problem: I’m not on online dating sites at the moment, so instead, I’m sharing this on my blog!

  • I love listening to music, especially in my car. Whenever a good song comes on, I will dance like a crazy fool and sing at the top of my lungs. I’ll also play it on repeat until I can’t stand the song anymore. I don’t care what any passersby thinks, I’m just plain happy. Also, I listen to lots of genres of music – country, Latin, oldies, Top 40, etc. My parents played music from The Beatles to Pink Floyd growing up, so I can belt out a 70s hit any ol’ day.
  • I love my friends and family fiercely and my loyalty runs deep. My three year old niece is my favorite person in the entire world.
  • I pretend to be a healthy eater, but get me around a piece of chocolate, cupcake, donut, or chocolate chip cookie and all rules are out the window. That’s the reason I have no chips, bread, pasta, or sweets in my house.
  • Podcasts are awesome. I research the newest and greatest, then listen to them on the way to work, when on walks, while “working”, making dinner, etc. I’ve learned so much and my brain feels fabulous while listening to them. Again, I don’t care what people next to me think – I’ll laugh, cry, smile no matter where I am.
  • I have the sensitive gene. It’s why I cry at commercials, during Hallmark movies, when characters cry on TV, when my friends cry, on the last day of school, when dates are shitty, etc. I’m not always sad and I’m not always empathizing, but I cry. It’s my thing and it’s scientifically proven that it’s my thing.
  • I am lazy. Despite going to yoga on the regular, enjoying walks, and playing on a beach volleyball league, I’m also perfectly content watching TV for hours on end. I DVR entirely too many shows and watch them all. That goes for reading, too. I’m happy to read a book instead of do work or leave the house.
  • Trailers at the movies are my favorite. And I hate missing them. They’re like mini movies – 10 movies for the price of one! Speaking of that, I’m damn frugal. My parents have instilled the love of a good deal and that coupons are king. So if I can get a bunch of movies for one price, don’t you make me miss them.
  • Type A for Ashley! I’ll walk behind people to close doors, reload the dishwasher, hang up towels “properly”, and organize papers. It mentally pains me to see disorganization. It’s why I’m an awesome event planner and spreadsheets are my friends.
  • This should probably be #1, but travel courses through my blood. When I don’t get a vacation, I get antsy. This didn’t start until I moved to Hong Kong, but now that I’m 23 countries, countless plane rides, and many U.S. states in, I just want it all the time. Travel addiction.
  • Despite claiming to be lazy, I’m also pretty adventurous. I’ve climbed the Rock of Gibraltar in flip flops, moved to Hong Kong without knowing a soul, regularly eat at restaurants and go to movies by myself, and love exploring Chicago. If I don’t have to watch TV because there are more interesting things going on, I’ll choose the fun thing over couch time 9 times out of 10.
  • More than anything, I want to get married and have children. When I was on a dating site, I made sure to make my intentions clear; it didn’t deter @ssholes, but I made my point loud and clear.
  • Some may call me bitchy, some bossy, some intimidating, but I think my friend Jen said it best: I am genuine. I don’t say things to hurt people’s feelings, but logic and rigidity prevail with my mouth. I am not mean and I’m not a bully. I’m simply honest. Sometimes to a fault and it gets me in trouble.

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