Do I Look Happy?

A friend recently told me that I didn’t “look happy.” And we’re not talking about resting bitch face here; we’re talking about the fact that I physically didn’t look happy. He lectured me on how the only way that I’ll ever attract a man is by looking happy: “Do things that make you happy and don’t worry so much. Be busy with life. Not consumed with the idea that you must find a mate. You’ll never find a guy if you’re pre-occupied with it. Just be happy and it’ll show. That’s what’s attractive.”

At first, I was annoyed that he was telling me what to do. I am happy, I countered. I do the things I want to do all the time…brunch with girlfriends, volunteering, traveling, spending time with family, yoga, I have a writing schedule, and the list goes on.

“So if you are happy, why don’t you look happy?” he queried.

That is a good effing question.

Honestly, I can’t answer that just yet. And I definitely can’t just shove it all aside today and be Miss Perky tomorrow. But what I can do is continuously work on being happy. I read an article that defined a list of seven ways to be happy right now that I’m going to try:

  1. Take a walk at least 3 times a week
  2. Once a week, write for 20 minutes about a positive experience
  3. Random Acts of Kindness
  4. Completely unplug
  5. Hit flow – do something physical
  6. 2-minute meditations daily
  7. Write down five gratitudes a week

I already claimed that I AM HAPPY, but maybe, just maybe I can be a little happier and then it’ll show. My heart will smile, making my lips and eyes smile along the way. Because that’s what people are attracted to, right?

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