Top 5 Coolest Sites in the World!

I’ve been a lot of awesome places with a lot of awesome sites to see. Here is a countdown of my top 5 favorite sites in the world!

5. Brooklyn Bridge (+Grimaldi’s Pizza)

Anytime anyone asks what to do in New York City, I tell them go to the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk so you can take pictures during the sunlight and at night. By walking the bridge, you get to see the skylines of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Though you have to share the bridge with bikers and a whole lotta tourists, the cars drive on the platform underneath. Whether you start or end in Brooklyn, it’s a must that you go to Grimaldi’s Pizza next to the bridge. The pizza is traditional New York style (which is the best kinda style, sorrrrrry, Chicago <3). There’s no alcohol served and sometimes there’s a wait, but it’s so damn worth it.

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4. Niagara Falls

Only an hour-and-a-half drive from Toronto, I was blown away by how HUGE Niagara Falls is. You definitely have to go on a boat to get up close and personal with the Falls. My parents did the bells and whistles (walking up, going behind, etc.) when they were at Niagara before, but said it wasn’t necessary. The boat trip we did was only about 20 minutes, but it was so fun! I giggled the whole time. And my pics were awesome!

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Read more about our trip to Toronto here.

3. Angkor Wat

The temples of Angkor Wat are the reason why people travel to Cambodia. Built over 800 years ago, these temples are absolutely fascinating. Many of the structures were unfinished and left to ruin. In the 19th century, French explorers rediscovered the temples and since then the historical buildings have been the go-to destination for Cambodia. We got a one-day pass and saw four temples/areas.

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Check out my post on our time in Siem Reap and about which temples we saw at Angkor Wat here.

2. La Sagrada Familia

The #1 can’t-miss, must-do in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia, the architect Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece cathedral. I know what you’re thinking – another church in Europe? No big deal! But you would be very wrong. La Sagrada Familia is unlike any church I have ever seen. With columns formed like trees reaching over 150 feet, stunningly translucent stained glass windows, and a grander façade than I’ve seen before, you will be in awe.

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Here’s a link to everything we did in Barcelona and some tips for La Sagrada Familia.

1. Ten Thousand Buddhas

Ten Thousand Buddhas is my #1 choice for sightseeing in HK and everywhere! It is a hike up the mountain, but along the way there are these amazing statues in all sorts of positions and facial expressions. If you go to Hong Kong and you don’t go here, you’re missing out.

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For more tips on what to see in Hong Kong, see my many blog posts from when I lived there at this link, and my Sights to See in HK post here.

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