Adulting: Buying a Condo, Part II: Yep, I’m Single

I haven’t talked about it much to many people, unless you’ve asked me point blank, but the rumors are true: I found a condo!! Firstly, yup, I’m super jazzed. I’m now addicted as f#$k to Pinterest, Craigslist, and OfferUp. I bought a graph notebook and have been playing around with ideas for how I want to set up each room…


…complete with little graph paper furniture that I can rearrange.


And, for the most part, it’s been cool doing it by myself (yep, I’m single, just in case you forgot…). My parents have been an awesome help. My friends have lent support and advice. My realtor is rocking it.

But, today, my singlehood hit me real hard. Buying a condo is hard. Buying a condo by yourself is even harder.

  1. I was at Target (oh, to which I’m also extra addicted these days) looking at storage for the bathroom. I had a 10% off coupon (lol lol) that expired today, so I NEEDED to get something (I mean, I move in mid-March, but ya knowz). I was hardcore texting my mom, like what should I get???????? My mom’s super, but, I wish I wasn’t a 34-year-old who only has her mom to text about bathroom storage.
  2. After buying two different bathroom storage pieces because I. Just. Could. Not. Decide. I had the joy of trying to figure out how the heck they were gonna fit in my car. Target has “cart boys” who’ll take your cart out to your car and help you pack it (there especially for both the 84-year-olds and the single 34-year-olds); the boxes were heavy, so the “cart boy” came with me to my car. We struggled for a bit, but we made everything fit. Now, the boxes are just sittin’ in my car, waiting for me to go to my parents’ house so someone can help me get them inside…their house.
  3. Home inspections and the aftermath are soul-crushing. “Here’s every single little thing that makes your new house SUCK! K Bye.” I’m worried about the plumbing in the house. The seller doesn’t want to give me money to fix it and won’t fix it herself. But, like, I might not have enough water pressure to take a shower in my own house when I move in. So, do I walk away from the deal? [See above graphed-out rooms:] Waaaaa! I don’t wanna! I bawled on the phone with my realtor today. And he says, “Well, I know this is harder because you don’t have anyone to talk to about it.” Yep, I’m single.

Don’t worry, friends, this isn’t the last edition of Adulting: Buying a Condo. I already have an idea brewing for Part III. And check out Part I here.

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