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Volunteer Hours

When I moved from Chicago, I left behind multiple volunteer positions. Now that I’m settled into my home and Bruno and I have a good routine down, I was ready to give back again.

My first volunteer shift at the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry was tonight and it was wonderful. Each Wednesday and Saturday, the pantry opens its doors to those in need to collect groceries. My role tonight was as shopping assistant; this means I helped people pick what food they wanted to take home with them.

All of the shoppers were extremely grateful and happy. When a fellow volunteer asked one woman how she was doing, she had a big smile on her face, saying, “I’m blessed. I will have a meal tonight.” She then choked up, and said, “I didn’t have anything to eat last night.” I also got a little choked up, but tried not to show it when she came to my station.

I love living in Oak Park for many reasons, one including how nice everyone always is. All of the fellow volunteers were extremely friendly.

As soon as I got home, I signed up for a monthly slot! It was a great evening and I’m looking forward to going back.

In 5 Years

When you’re asked where you see yourself in 5 years, do you have a ready answer? I, for one, do not. And rarely in my adult life have I had an answer. The only time I could name an aspiration was when I really wanted to teach overseas. Sure, I’ve wanted to do things – buy a place, complete yoga teacher training, etc. – but never have I known where I wanted to be in 5 years’ time. 

I wonder if this has to do with the fact that I like all sorts of things and find it difficult to pinpoint the ONE thing I want to concentrate my career toward. Do I want to teach yoga full-time? Not really. Do I want to pursue another job in the travel sector? Not really. Do I want to go back to teaching? Not really. Do I want to move up in the Girl Scout organization? Not really. Is it okay to be perfectly happy doing exactly what I’m doing right now and aspire to be doing exactly what I’m doing in 5 years?? Is that an aspiration? 

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6 Things I’m Learning about Relationships from Owning a Dog

I am infamously bad at romantic relationship and/or I have had infamously unsuccessful romantic relationships. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to get it right. My (non-romantic) relationship with Bruno, the wonder dog, has been pretty darn successful, though. The past four months of dog ownership have been both challenging and super great. Bruno is seriously adorable and he loves me like crazy (can you say mama’s boy?!). Might I dare say, that I love Bruno more than any man I’ve ever dated???? I mean, how could you not with a face like this?


And even though he’s a dog and I’m a hooman, I think I’m learning quite a great deal about how to have a relationship with people, romantic or otherwise.

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New Dating App: Doggie Dating

I’ve considered posting in the dog groups I’m in on Facebook or Meetup if there are any single guys wanting to go on a doggie date with me – one where we both bring our dogs and see if all 4 of us are compatible. {Side note: If you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’m writing about a new dating app, my date on Sunday wasn’t so great: he was 10 minutes late, texting me AT the time we were supposed to meet that he was running late; we talked about the weather for a good 30 minutes; and I ended the date by saying, “I don’t go out past 9pm because that’s my dog’s bedtime” lol lol.}

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My Life in the Suburbs

I knew that when I moved to Oak Park, my life was going to be a tiny bit lonelier. While living in Chicago, my calendar was full with friends, volunteering, yoga, and dates (with dumb idiots).

  • By moving out to the *suburbs*, I realized that I’d see friends less since it’s a {rather small} trek.
  • I am no longer tutoring since it’s a {rather small} trek to get back home from the location.
  • Though I still teach yoga on Saturday mornings, it’s the only class I’m teaching at the moment. 
  • Yup, I’m still going on dumb dates with dumb idiots; in fact, the first one in a while is tonight (which probably means I should wait to post this so you can get the live update on how it went since I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath on news of my dating life…). 

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